Super Powers Comic Book Artwork: Volume 3, Issue #2, Page 15

DC Comics produced three Super Powers comic book mini-series to coincide with the action figure/toy line produced by Kenner Toys. The third mini-series, released in 1986, featured pencils by Carmine Infantino and inks by Pablo Marcos. This particular comic art page is the original artwork from Issue #2, Page 15 of the 4-part 1986 mini-series. While the second mini-series garners the most attention from comic artwork collectors due to work accomplished by Jack "The King" Kirby, I actually prefer Infantino/Marcos' artwork from the final mini-series.

This particular 5-panel page features a great shot of Superman addressing nine of the other heroes inside the Hall of Justice. Mr. Freeze and Tyr both show up within the upper two panels. While not a dynamic action page, the sheer volume of characters present makes this an exciting page of comic artwork.

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