Prior to 2010 the general consensus amongst avid Super Power collectors indicated a complete US Kenner Super Powers store display collection consisted of the following five store displays:

The definition of "complete" changed in March, 2010 upon the exciting revelation of yet another Super Powers store display! Coincidentally, the display pertains to Kenner's third and final action figure/vehicle assortment as evidenced by the 1986 printed copyright date. The display is somewhat small (12" x 14") compared to many of its 1984 and 1985 predecessors and features the same graphics on each side. Regardless of size, the display packs a visual punch by focusing primarily on the Super Powers logo. Additional graphic text urges action figure consumers to "Collect Them All".

The final close-up image illustrates the Kenner logo and corresponding text located on the lower left corner of the display. The lack of additional 3rd series display styles signifies this may represent the lone advertising display style generated for the 1986 3rd series release. Pining for additional styles may prove fruitless, but one can never be certain what will surface as time marches on.

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