Burger King Super Powers Figural Cups Promotion Counter Display

The display shown above advertises the Super Power cup promotion employed by Burger King in 1985. Consumers were able to obtain one of four figural cups each week: Superman, Batman, Darkseid, or Wonder Woman. Cup pricing obviously varied in different geographical regions, however the only things necessary to obtain a figural cup were the purchase of a drink and payment for the figural cup. This particular example advertises a $1.29 cup cost, but I've viewed other examples with differing exact prices, albeit in similar price ranges. The display features all four cups with a moveable cardboard piece indicating the particular week's cup. The display's easel back indicates it rested on restaurant counters as a means of alerting consumers to the promotion. Although the cups themselves are easily obtainable, the store display is fairly difficult to locate. This is the sole store display type for the promotion that I've encountered over the years, although it is possible translites were produced and used for the promotion as well. A Burger King employee button advertising this promotion may be viewed here.

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