Burger King Super Powers Figural Cups Promotion Mobile Display

Burger King ran a series of two Super Powers promotions during the mid-80's. One such promotion featured four figural cups. The mobile display seen here served to illustrate each of the 4 cups available during the promotion: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Darkseid. The mobile graphics are the same on both sides. Four open spaces in the display allow for figural cup insertion. Since the edges around the spaces hug the figural cups in the middle, both sides of the figural cups can be seen as the display pivots on a black string. A graphically similar counter display also exists for the promotion and may be viewed here.

The mobile's aesthetic appeal is strong, however the design makes it an extremely fragile piece, which likely explains the display's rarity in today's collector marketplace. Unless an unused example is present, I highly recommend collectors exhibit leniency on condition when searching for this rare store display. Based on my experiences, I consider the mobile display as the rarest of the three Super Powers Burger King displays I've encountered.

Fans of the Burger King promotions may also wish to view the entry for an employee promotion button seen here on the site.

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