Super Poderes Store Display

Kenner Super Powers store displays in general are difficult to locate, however international displays are virtually unheard of. CMJ S.A., formerly known as PBP, released figures in Spain under the "Super Poderes" logo. Carded "Super Poderes" figures are extremely rare; rarer than even the illusive Estrela carded variety. This store display, the sole example I've ever encountered or heard of, borrows the imagery found on Kenner's 1st series header card. The similarities, however, end there. The Super Poderes display is much smaller in size and constructed entirely from thick plastic, whereas the domestic cardboard version is significantly larger.

While the Kenner display is two-dimensional, the Super Poderes display creates a three-dimensional effect by utilizing a seperate piece for the logo and attaching it, via a riser, to the the larger display element.

The third and final image shows a view of the display's rear face. The screws holding the "Super Poderes" logo onto the front become visible from the back. The display's more diminutive size facilitates more display opportunities in a collection than the Kenner variety.

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