Kenner released Darkseid as its major villain for the 2nd series figure wave released in 1985. Touting both "Power Action Raging Motion" and "Power Action Omega Beam Eyes" features, Darkseid exhibited great play value. While many figures shipped in mixed character assortments, Darkseid shipped in straight cases dedicated only to him. Despite debuting in the 2nd series collection, Darkseid re-appeared along with six other 2nd series characters on offerless 33-back cards in the final 1986 3rd series wave. Darkseid exists on the following three domestic (US) Kenner card types:

Kenner Canada released 31 of the 33 carded Super Powers figures in bilingual packaging featuring both English and French text to comply with bilingual packaging laws in the country. As such, Darkseid saw release on a single Kenner Canada card style:

Children residing outside the US and Canada collected Super Powers action figures distributed by additional international companies. The following international companies included Darkseid in their Super Powers line-ups:

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