Firestorm: 2nd Series 23-Back (Clark Kent Offer w/ Superman Cape Offer)

Kenner released Firestorm on all four possible card styles for the 2nd series action figure assortment. One of the four confirmed release card types, shown above, is the 23-back card containing the "Clark Kent Offer w/ Superman Cape Offer".

Kenner released two mail-away figures during the line's three year run with the first being Steppenwolf and the second and final being Clark Kent. The company advertised the 2nd series "Free Clark Kent Figure Offer" promotion via a sticker applied to each of the two printed 2nd series card styles: "Fan Club Offer" and "Superman Cape Offer". The existence of the Clark Kent offer on both of these two printed card styles equates to a total of four total Kenner 2nd series card varieties for collectors. Although the graphic & text-containing "Free Clark Kent" sticker obscured the card front's text banner for both of the Fan Club and Superman Cape offers, the packaging backs remained unobscured. Clark Kent figure redemption required mailing 5 proof-of-purchase seals along with name and address by the May, 31, 1986 expiration date. The figure shipped in a plain white mailer box containing the bagged figure. The existence of a of Clark Kent packaging layout board suggests Kenner intended to eventually release Clark Kent in carded form too.

To date ten of the twelve 1st series figures have been documented as being re-released on the "Free Clark Kent w/ Fan Club Offer" packaging, while five have shown up on the "Free Clark Kent w/ Superman Cape Offer" packaging. Meanwhile ten of the eleven second series figures were definitely released on the "Free Clark Kent w/ Fan Club Offer" packaging and three on the "Free Clark Kent w/ Superman Cape Offer" style. Personal documentation of the two "Clark Kent Offer" packaging types yielding the above numbers commenced years after personal documentation of all other packaging types began, so its highly likely these numbers will increase further over time as my research continues.

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