The Flash: 2nd Series 23-Back (Fan Club Offer)

Kenner may have re-released Flash on more than one different 2nd series card style, however to date I've only documented him on a single 2nd series card style; the 23-back card containing the "Fan Club Offer". This particular carded figure is extremely rare based on my collectng experiences, however its rarity often goes unnoticed unless one attempts to assemble a truly comprehensive Kenner carded figure collection consisting of every character on every documented packaging style or a complete collection of carded Flash figures. The lesser rarity recognition and lower demand afford collectors a very nice opportunity to procure a 23-Back (Fan Club Offer) Flash at a nominal cost should one stumble across an example.

While this 23-Back card front contains a text offer banner in the lower right corner, the card back lacks any offer information. Instead, promotion details reside inside the mini-comic premium's inside front cover. Proof of purchase submission was not necessary for this promotion's redemption. Instead, the offer required submission of the "application" cut from the mini-comic or a 3" x 5" card containing name, address, and birthday (the same information requested on the "application") and a $3.00 check or money order by June 30, 1986. The Fan Club Offer Kit contained: charter membership certificate, color sticker, newsletter, deluxe patch, color photo, and reduced rate DC Comics subscription information. Kenner originally offered this promotion on 1st series "Fan Club Offer" card styles, however the promotion was re-issued for the 2nd series figure release. Kenner updated the expiration date located on the card front's banner to read June 30, 1986 as opposed to the original 1st series expiration date of June 30, 1985.

Kenner released all eleven 2nd series figures on the 23-back "Fan Club Offer" card style. All twelve 1st series characters also saw re-release on this card style.

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