Kenner released Steppenwolf as the Super Powers line's first mail-away figure. Specially marked figure packaging detailed the offer specifics, which required mailing 5 proofs of purchase to procure Steppenwolf. Upon release of the second series figures, Steppenwolf was re-released, this time directly into the retail assortment making the 2nd series, 23-back "Fan Club Offer" his debut packaging. Steppenwolf may also be found on the same 23-Back "Fan Club Offer" card featuring the "Clark Kent Offer". Steppenwolf's third and final carded release took place during the 3rd series wave, where he shipped on an offerless 33-back card. While most early figures are much rarer on re-release 33-back cards, Steppenwolf is the opposite being significantly more difficult to locate on the debut 23-back. Steppenwolf has not been documented on the "Superman Cape w/ Clark Kent Offer" cardback, so carded availabilty is currently limited to the folowing three card styles as previously mentioned:

Domestic (US) Kenner packaging represents the only packaging designed for Steppenwolf's carded release. A plethora of international companies produced and distributed Super Powers figures in their respective countries, however Steppenwolf never entered the international assortments of companies like Pacipa, Estrela, Gulliver, and others. Kenner Canada, who released 31 of the line's 33 action figures in bilingual packaging, offered Steppenwolf solely via mail-away, never as a carded figure.

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