Kenner exquisitely rendered "The Man of Steel" in three-dimensional form as part of its Super Powers action figure line. Kenner released Superman in its initial 1984 1st series wave, however the figure, like many other 1st series characters, also saw inclusion in both the 1985 2nd series and 1986 3rd third series assortments. The offerless 3rd series card represents the rarest US blister card style for the caped crusader. Superman has been documented on the following six domestic (US) Kenner card types:

A 4th series wave was in development during the Super Powers line's cancellation. Plans for the 4th series line-up included exciting new characters in addition to a handful of re-imagined previously released characters. Kenner devised a new Supermanman incarnation, dubbed "Kryptonite Cape Superman", as part of this re-imagined "Power Plus" sub-series. The Power Plus Kryptonite Cape Superman moved through the initial sculpting stage and progressed to the unpainted hardcopy development stage. A surviving unpainted hardcopy example and file photograpy slide containing conceptual artwork imagery surfaced and provide concrete evidence of the figure's developmental progress. The hardcopy example consists of a torso, arm pair, and two-piece Kryptonite chunk. To cut production costs, it appears Kenner intended to re-use existing production tooling, also referred to as steel molds, for production of Kryptonite Cape Superman's head and legs.

Kenner unquestionably viewed Superman as the line's most recognizable character. To honor the Man of Steel's 198* 50th Anniversary, a special gold version was planned, but much like the unreleased Power Plus "Kryptonite Cape" new elements for the figure failed to progress past the unpainted hardcopy stage. Surviving packaging mock-up artwork reveals the proposed packaging style and imagery. The artwork also reveals the figure's intended "Super Flight" power action. Superman's arms were re-sculpted in a straight more flight-like stance. Unpainted hardcopy examples of the Gold Superman arm pair surfaced from a former-Kenner employee in their original storage bag. The bag exhibits hand written "Gold Superman" text on its exterior along with the figure's project number. It's likely Kenner intended to produce the figure entirely or in part using existing tooling from the original Superman figure with the exception of the arms, which were clearly updated as discussed.

Kenner Canada released 31 of the 33 carded Super Powers figures in bilingual packaging featuring both English and French text to comply with bilingual packaging laws in the country. As such, Superman has been documented on the following bilingual card styles:

Shell gas stations in Canada ran a promotion, detailed extensively here, resulting in the release of eight characters, including Superman, on small blister cards devoid of many packaging graphics found on their larger retail store packaging counterparts.

Children residing outside the US and Canada collected Super Powers action figures distributed by additional international companies. International carded Superman figures released by the following companies have been documented in carded form:

Lil Ledy produced and distributed 1st series Super Powers figures in Mexico. Carded Lili Ledy examples with the exception of Wonder Woman are extremely rare, however I've encountered a handful of Lili Ledy Superman action figures over the years, so carded examples may very well still exist.

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