Kenner released Wonder Woman as its sole female action figure of the Super Powers action figure line. Kenner released Wonder Woman in the initial 1984 1st series wave, however the figure, like many other 1st series characters, also saw inclusion in both the 1985 2nd series and 1986 3rd third series assortments. The offerless 3rd series card is one of the most abundant early characters on 3rd series blister cards. Wonder Woman has been documented on the following six domestic (US) Kenner card types:

Kenner Canada released 31 of the 33 carded Super Powers figures in bilingual packaging featuring both English and French text to comply with bilingual packaging laws in the country. As such, Wonder Woman has been documented on the following bilingual card styles:

It currently appears as though Kenner Canada did not release any of the twelve first series characters on 2nd series 23-Back cards, having reserved the 23-Back card style exclusively for the ten (not eleven since Kenner Canada did not release Steppenwolf in carded form) new characters debuting in Kenner Canada's 2nd series packaging. Shell gas stations in Canada ran a promotion, detailed extensively here, resulting in the release of eight characters, including Wonder Woman, on small blister cards devoid of many packaging graphics found on their larger retail store packaging counterparts.

Children residing outside the US and Canada collected Super Powers action figures distributed by additional international companies. International carded Superman figures released by the following companies have been documented in carded form:

Lil Ledy produced and distributed 1st series Super Powers figures in Mexico. Carded Lili Ledy examples with the exception of Wonder Woman are extremely rare. Two versions of the carded Wonder Woman were produced; one containing additional text on the cardback and one devoid of this particular text.

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