Shazam Mini-Comic (Estrela)


Estrela produced and distributed Super Powers action figures presumably containing 17 different characters under the "Colecao Super Powers" banner for the Brazillian market. Similar to the domestic Kenner versions, each Estrela carded figure came packaged with a mini-comic premium. Unlike Kenner, which dropped the mini-comic premiums for the 3rd series release, Estrela included them with all three of their 3rd series figures (Plasticman, Shazam, and Cyborg). Naturally the Esterla Plastic Man, Shazam, and Cyborg mini-comics are highly desireable to collectors given their exclusivity to the Brazillian Estrela line. Each comic contains Portuguese text throughout and a back cover layout unique to Estrela. As the back cover image shows, some tape residue resides on one corner. While I previously viewed this as a random flaw, I've recently learned the mini-comics were sometimes, but not always, taped to the figures inside their plastic bubbles.

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