Plastic Man: Estrela 17-Back

Estrela released its Super Powers, or "Colecao Super Powers" as the packaging illustrates, action figure line for the Brazilian market. The Estrela line, while not as robust as Kenner's, consisted of seventeen figures upon completion of the line. While Estrela released all twelve first series characters, only two from the second series (Green Arrow and Darkseid) and three from the third series (Cyborg, Plastic Man, and Shazam) were ultimately produced. Estrela mimicked Kenner in offering free in-pack mini-comics with each carded figure, but deviated substantially through mini-comic inclusion with the three third series characters. Collectors only have one option, Estrela, to acquire Plastic Man, Cyborg, and Shazam mini-comics. While the Estrela versions are written in Portuguese, they still mesh well with the Kenner versions.

The Plastic Man showcased in this entry is packaged on a 17-Back card style, which replaced the earlier 10-Back packaging style.

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