Kalibak: Kenner Canada 2nd Series 23-Back (Superman Cape Offer)

Kenner Canada released 31 Super Powers figures in carded bi-lingual packaging to comply with Canada's bi-lingual packaging laws. In comparison Kenner released 33 carded figures for the US market. Cyborg and Steppenwolf represent the two characters never released in Canadian packaging. While Kenner Canada did not offer the "Free Clark Kent" promotion, the figure was available in Canada via mail-away through Canada Fancy's Superman French Fries promotion. Kenner Canada made Steppenwolf available via a mail-away promotion similar to Kenner's Steppenwolf mail-away offer.

Kenner Canada produced a single 23-Back card style for the eleven 2nd series action figures. The carded Kalibak shown above illustrates that lone style: the "Superman Cape Offer" variety. Interestingly, the twelve first series characters do not appear to have seen release in this 2nd series packaging.

The bubble found on Kalibak's Canadian packaging differs substantially in form from the one used on Kenner's 2nd series Kalibak packaging. The bubble features indented regions giving it an "I" shaped frontal appearance. A formed plastic tray resides in the bubble to hold the figure in place and likely provide additional bubble support thereby to preventing damage in transit and at retail. While the Kenner Canada bubble may be more structurally superior than the Kenner bubble, I find it much less visually appealing.

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