Batman: Lili Ledy 1st Series 12-Back

Super Powers action figures found in American Kenner packaging were typically assembled and packaged in either The Orient or Mexico and shipped to the US for distribution and sale. Lili Ledy, a Mexican toy company, obtained the license to produce and distribute Super Powers figure in Mexico. The Lili Ledy line is likely and exclusively comprised of first series figures, however due to the extreme rarity of carded Lili Ledy Super Powers figures it remains unclear whether all twelve characters showcased on the Lili Ledy cardback were actually released to consumers. Photographic documentation of carded examples exists for six of the twelve characters: Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Lex Luthor, Robin, and Wonder Woman.

The carded Batman showcased in this entry exhibits significant bubble cracking and missing fragments, but given the rarity condition isn't as much of a factor. The mini-comic contained within is printed in Spanish and the figure exhibits the unique characteristics found on Lili Ledy Batman figures discussed here.

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