Lili Ledy obtained the license to distribute Super Powers figure in Mexico. The Lili Ledy line is comprised exclusively of first series figures. One of those, figures, Batman, is showcased in this entry. Lili Ledy figures often exhibit differences ranging from subtle to extremely obvious when compared to Kenner versions, however the often poor quality images abundant in online auctions make identifying loose Lili Ledy figures challenging in many instances.

The third entry photo, shown above, provides a side-by-side photographic comparison between the Lili Ledy (left) and Kenner (right) versions. Some differences are challenging to clearly capture in photos even when deliberately attempting to do so, however I believe the images in this entry illustrate them adequately when coupled with textual explanations. The unique characteristics of the Lili Ledy Batman figure include:

This close-up photograph (Left: Lili Ledy, Right: Kenner) cleary captures the chest emblem differences between the Lili Ledy and Kenner figures. This difference is regarded as the most useful identifying characteristic of the Lili Ledy Batman from my viewpoint since some of the other characteristics are also found on "Made in Mexico" Batman figures that were packaged on US blister cards. For more information on the "Made in Mexico" Batman please view the article located here. The crisper detailing on the Lili Ledy figure's belt buckle also shows up nicely in the above image.


Lili Ledy Aquaman, The Flash, Robin, and Wonder Woman figures exhibit the same copyright information and placement as their Kenner counterparts, while Lili Ledy Batman and Superman figures completely lack copyright information for unknown reasons. The missing copyright information is clearly shown in the final two images shown above. The final photo shown above illustrates the copyright information absence on both Lili Ledy figure's inner thighs.

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