The number of companies responsible for releasing and/or producing Super Powers figures varies enough to make a collector's head spin. Carded figures released by NIBO are believed to have seen release in Uruguay. The blister cards are quite unique in size, style, and printing quality. NIBO blister cards are sized significantly smaller than their Kenner counterparts. As conveyed in the above two photos, the card's front face completely lacks any character graphics. Penguin himself is denoted only via a small black and white adhesive label. The cardback is printed in black and completely devoid of gloss. Interestingly, the individual figure images found on the cardback come directly from Kenner's Toy Fair catalogs. Although the cardback advertises 15 different figures ranging from all three series, to date I remain unable to locate a single other character in NIBO packaging. The generic nature of the blister card front would certainly lend well to releasing other characters. Adhesion of a new nameplate sticker could easily and cheaply retrofit the packaging for any of the other 14 characters shown on the cardback.

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