The Argentinian company Pacipa produced and distributed its Super Powers line, called Super Amigos, for the South American market. The Super Amigos line, consisting of 14 total characters documented thus far, included nine 1st series characters, two 2nd series characters, two 3rd series characters, and an exclusive Riddler (also released by Play Ful). The Pacipa Super Amigos cardbacks features Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam, however I've yet to see carded examples of these three characters in Pacipa packaging. Vehicles, like the Delta Probe-1, rounded out the Super Amigos line.

The figures produced by Pacipa do not meet the same strict standards as the Kenner versions. Quality control on Cyborg in particular varied substantially resulting in the figure being released with varying degrees of spray-op completion. The example shown above exhibits complete spray-op application resulting in brown skin tone present in all correct areas. Cyborgs exhibiting partial and completely absent paint application in the bare skin areas also exist. While Kenner employed vac-metallization in their Cyborg figure, Pacipa did not (likely as a cost saving measure).

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