The Argentinian company Pacipa produced and distributed its Super Powers line, called Super Amigos, for the South American market. The Super Amigos line, consisting of 15 total characters documented thus far, includes nine first series characters, two second series characters, three third series characters, and an exclusive Riddler (also released by Play Ful). The Pacipa Super Amigos cardbacks feature Hawkman and Wonder Woman, however I've yet to document carded examples of these two characters in Pacipa packaging. Vehicles, like the Delta Probe-1, rounded out the Super Amigos line. The figures produced by Pacipa do not meet the same strict quality paint application, plastic, and molding standards as the Kenner versions.

Pacipa's Superman main packaging character image mimics the one found on Kenner and other international companies' packaging. The figure itself, however, exhibits some noteworthy differences compared to its Kenner counterpart. The Pacipa figure's cape clip distinctly protrudes through the cape and is white in coloration. The Superman chest emblem also differs fairly noticeably from the Kenner figure's emblem.

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