Super Powers action figures were sold throughout a myriad of countries world-wide. Smaller than normal blister cards featuring tri-lingual text were produced for distribution in some European countries. The packaging's rear face layout differes markedly from that found on US Kenner packaging. The lower left hand corner contains four international licensees; Clipper and General Mills Jueguetes, S.A. for example.

As if the packaging size and cardback layout differences weren't exciting enough, the in-pack premiums and corresponding offer stickers provide collectors with a whole host of variations/combinations to track down. Premiums packaged within the bubble and located behind the action figure include: mini-comic only, poster only, mini-comic and poster together, and lastly no premium whatsoever. Adhesive stickers are sometimes found adhered to the blister card's front to advertise the free poster inclusion, but some carded examples containing the posters do not contain the advertising sticker. Documented tri-lingual Brainiac packaging variations include:

The trilingual carded Brainiac photographically showcased at the beginning of this entry comes packaged with its mini-comic. The packaging condition is absolutely deplorable with a nearly obliterated bubble and section of the cardback sliced out. Regardless, the price was right and it temporarily fills a hole in the collection.

The mini-comics packaged within tri-lingual packaging contain unique qualities compared to those found in Kenner and Kenner Canada packaging. The tri-lingual mini-comics utilize much higher quality and much glossier paperstock. The action figures contained within European tri-lingual packaging do not exhibit visual differences compared to figures sold in the US and Canada. To date it appears only the first twelve 1st series characters were sold on this unique packaging style.

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