Nothing screams Super Powers figures more than Canadian crinkle cut, frozen french fries, right? Well not exactly, but that didn't stop Canada Fancy from running a Super Powers promotion coupled with their product! In all fairness the fries are "Superman French Fries", so the promotional tie-in does fit fairly well. While the Canadian Shell Gas promotion is more well known to collectors, the Superman French Fries promotion is much more obscure and unfamiliar.

The rear packaging reveals consumers were afforded the opportunity to win 1 of 3000 free Super Powers figures via the promotion. A mail-away Clark Kent was also tied into the promotion affording children in Canada an opportunity to add Clark Kent to their collections.

The promotional imagery found on both the front and back of the packaging is rendered quite nicely making this piece a welcome addition to a Super Powers collection. As one may surmise, the disposable nature of frozen food packaging resulted in small quantities surviving to this point in time. As such, I consider it quite an appealing rarity.

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