Super Powers Logo Concept Artwork

Early in the Super Powers line's development a series of hand-drawn pencil logos were illustrated to nail down what would ultimately serve as the final logo for all packaging, advertising, etc. A series of 24 logo drawings were completed; each offering an interesting glimpse into the logo's development.

The second image shows a close-up shot of the artwork itself. The graphic font used in "Powers" on this rendition is very close to that found on the final logo, but the increased middle letter sizes in "Super" deviates from the final logo's uniform letter size throughout. The word "Collection" is once again present in this logo and a single star is also present in the upper logo area.

Thanks to the foresight of a former Kenner employee, twenty-four conceptual logos among other packaging prototypes were saved from Kenner's obsolete files. The logos were publicly auctioned on eBay throughout 2010 affording me an opportunity to add several to my personal collection.

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