Superman Mechanism Design Model Photographs


First, the bad news. Unfortunately the painted design model shown in the two photographs above is not know to still survive. Now for the good news. Collectors are able to view this important Super Powers artifact thanks to a former Kenner designer who saved these two vintage photographs and sold them to me for my collection. The punching action feature was one of the first internal mechanisms conceived for the line. The designer hand built the mechanism shown inside this piece to demonstrate his design. To date, three of the early painted design models have surfaced, two in physical form (Flash and Hawkman) and one in vintage photograhy form (Superman). Both Flash and Hawkman share the same style and both appear modified from urethane conceptual Superman hardcopies.

As the photos convey, the torso itself is hollowed out to allow for placement and attachment of the hand rendered internal mechanism. It's also entirely hand painted. I still retain hope that one day this painted model will surface, but in the meantime I'm glad to be able to share photos of a tremendous pieces of the line's history.

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