Conceptual Superman Prototype Series

Each prototype in this series originates from the early in the line's development and was obtained several years ago directly from a former Kenner designer responsible for many accomplishments related to the Super Powers action figures. This particular designer explained the power action feature idea originated from him, however he sought guidance from other colleagues to perfect the early "punching" action later utilized for characters such as Superman and Batman. The early iteration included a moveable arm joint at the elbow, however that characteristic hindered the arm motion. Later iterations of the conceptual design model, like the fully painted and fully functional prototype viewable in the vintage photographs seen here incorporated the single-piece arm design adopted for use in the production figures.

The series is comprised of five 2-piece silicone molds, unpainted hardcopy parts, and a complete conceptual figure hardcopy coated in grey primer. Silicone molds are extremely rare for Super Powers figures; the few surviving examples I'm familiar with correspond to early conceptual incarnations of a select few figures. Individual entries containing close-up photos and additional information about each component making up the run will debut in a future website update, so stay tuned!

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