Cyborg's Crawler Conceptual Artwork

Kenner designers rendered a tremendous amount of conceptual artwork to illustrate potential toy concepts for the Super Powers line. Many of these renderings remained archived within Kenner for well over a decade after the line's cancellation. When Hasbro closed down Kenner's Cincinnati operations, a significant amount of Super Powers artwork escaped and became available via various channels to collectors. Additional unrelated finds yielded more conceptual artwork bolstering the population even further. Despite the amount of surviving Super Powers conceptual artwork, each piece is unique. The artwork for an unused Cyborg vehicle concept featured in this entry is almost entirely hand-rendered making it a truly piece of artwork.

The conceptual artwork is comprised of several individual components, all hand-rendered except for the Super Powers logo, yellow border stripes, and project information block. The second photo shows details of the proposed Cyborg's Crawler itself and helps covey the mixed media (pencil, pen, marker) aspect of the artwork.

The straight black line running from the hand attachments is drawn directly onto the presentation board, as is the cable connecting the claw-like apparatus to the vehicle's front. The attachments and claw, however, are pasted onto the illustration board.

The lower right contains a stamped project information block containing various information. The Super Powers logo was nicely cut from a larger sheet of logos printed on adhesive paper stock and applied directly to the illustration board. Individual logos from these sheets were individually cut and commonly utilized on various pieces of conceptual artwork.

The final image shows Cyborg himself in a rendition that closely resembles the artwork used on the Cyborg packaging, but clearly is not directly derived from it given various detail differences (most noteably in the face, right shoulder/torso, and right elbow detail) when comparing the two.

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