Darkseid Destroyer Artwork

Collectors revere Kenner's Super Powers toy line not only for the intricately sculpted and detailed renditions of the action figures themselves, but also for the amazing packaging layouts and artwork. Vehicle and playset packaging featured two art forms, traditional pencil and ink line art and photo art, the former which is showcased in this entry. This artwork features the character elements Dessad, Darkseid, and Kalibak as found on both the front and back on the Darkseid Destroyer packaging.

The close-up image on the Desaad portion shows a nice seated image of the character.

Most of Darkseid's body was obscured inside the Darkseid Destroyer's main cockpit, so an incomplete image showing only his visible portions was illustrated.

Lastly we see a full figure seated image of Kalibak piloting the second detachable flight pod.

While character layout boards containing hand-rendered color guide overlays for nearly all of the individual action figure blister cards were saved, the line art contained on those are mostly or completely black and white copies, called photostats, of the original artwork (much of which was sourced from the 1982 DC Comics style guide). This portion of the Darkseid Destroyer artwork, which I purchased many, many years ago from Jose Garcia Lopez's agent, is completely hand rendered with pencils by Jose Garcia Lopez and inks by Jose Delbo making it a very special and unique piece of Super Powers packaging artwork.

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