El Dorado: Unproduced 4th Series Unpainted Hardcopy

Kenner released Super Powers action figures from 1984-1986. While the line was cancelled in 1986, groundwork had already been laid to extend the toy line into the future. In fact, several figures were completely sculpted and made it to the unpainted hardcopy stage or slightly farther. El Dorado represents one of those characters where the three-dimensional prototype was finished and ready to use for tooling. As of 2017, the unpainted hardcopy shown above represents the only unpainted hardcopy example known to have survived the ravages of time to the best of my knowledge.

Fans of the Super Friends and Super Powers cartoon will likely recognize El Dorado as he appeared in multiple episodes. The character was created exclusively for the cartoon, however I imagine El Dorado would have debuted in the Super Powers comic had D.C. Comics continued its publication in support of the companion toy line. Third series character like Cyclotron made similar debuts in the Super Powers comic book mini-series making an extension of that trend quite likely.

The hardcopy is cast in a green colored urethane, known as dynacast, that was popular for making hardcopies during this time period. The head, arms, and thighs affix to the torso via small steel dowels making each piece removable. Similarly, steel dowel attach the lower leg components to the thigh. A silicone mold for each component was made from the original sculpting and used to hand cast each urethane piece.

El Dorado was slated to be joined by a number of other characters as part of the unproduced 4th series wave. New characters that made it to the hardcopy stage included: Rocket Man, Shockwave, Silicon, Quadrex, and Manbat. These would have been joined by a sub-assortment referred to as "Power Plus" figures that utilized parts of existing figures coupled with newly sculpted components. Batman, Superman, Cyborg, and Firestorm represent some of those characters planned for release as "Power Plus" incarnations.

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