Kenner expended significant effort and capital in the design and prototype stages of a planned plush Super Powers Superman doll, however the project was eventually cancelled despite at least one complete prototype doll having been created. This entry showcases three images derived from internal Kenner file photography slides showing both the complete prototype and original design concept artwork. All three slides originated from the large 4th series unproduced figure hardcopy and file photography find brokered by The Earth Collectible Toy Mall back in 2005. I have photographed the fronts and backs of three plush Superman slides from my collection and also digitally scanned them to provide close-up images of the photograpy embedded into each slide.

The second composite image showcases original conceptual artwork for the plush Superman. The finished prototype (shown in both the first and third images) follows the overall aesthetic design quite closely. A significant amount of conceptual artwork, once contained within Kenner's archives, has seeped onto the collector's market over the years, however this particular artwork has not surfaced to my knowledge.

The final image shows a standing view of the plush. Unfortunately this prototype doll has not surfaced to my knowledge and may no longer exist outside of photographic form. The original master sculpting/hardcopy for the head, showcased here, thankfully withstood the test of time and resides in my personal collection.

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