Firestorm Painted Hardcopy


Showcased here is a painted Firestorm hardcopy. The piece is cast in resin as is true with all hardcopies. The colors are incredibly vibrant as the piece is entirely hand painted.

Hardcopies are produced using a silicon mold (this mold is created from the original wax figure sculpting). Once it is removed from the mold it may serve a number of purposes. It might remain unpainted and ultimately be used to create a negative epoxy "hardmold", which is used in the cutting of the steel production mold. This negative epoxy mold is essential since one cannot pantograph from a positive object to yield a negative mold. The process must be done from negative to negative. When used for this purpose, the hardcopy is referred to as a "tooling master" or "tooling hardcopy".

Extra hardcopies are also poured as a precaution, should something happen to the tooling master. These extras would remain unpainted as well. If a hardcopy is not destined for tooling or backup, then it will more than likely be handpainted for use in catalog photography, trade shows, or as a paintmaster. Most hand painted prototypes for the Super Powers line are cast in a milky white proto plastic (commonly referred to as internal first shots), however a few like Firestorm have been found in resin. I believe this one was probably used for a trade show or catalog photography since it exhibits hot glue on the feet bottom where it was once attached to a base of some sort.

This Firestorm hardcopy, along with a number of hand painted internal first shots and first shots, surfaced from a well known dealer in Ohio a few years ago. It has enjoyed time in a few collector's collections before entering mine. Thanks to Bill Byers for helping me add this great prototype to my collection!

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