Firestorm Unpainted First Shot (Non-Production Colors)


Showcased here is an impressive first shot of Firestorm cast in non-production colors. First shots, often referred to as "test shots" or "engineering pilots" are utilized to ensure a proper quality product is generated from the steel production molds. Since copyright markings and dates are added to the production molds late in the process, first shots typically lack them. Early test shots may be found in non-production colored plastic, like the one seen here, while later test shots may mimic the final product both in plastic color and paint scheme. The plastic color on early first shots is in consequential as they serve solely to ensure the prodcution mold functions adequately.

The above photo affords a nice view of the absence of any copyright information on the leg. This first shot makes a nice addition to a character series geared towards capturing a figure throughout as many production process stages as possible. The first shot matches nicely with the painted hardcopy, unpainted hardcopy head and alternate arms, and unpainted first shot showcased on the site.

Lastly, we view a photo comparing the unpainted first shot with its production counterpart. This highlights the striking differences between the two. Unpainted non-production color first shots and hand painted first shots tend to be coveted most highly by prototype collectors since the differences from their production counterparts are aesthetically pleasing.

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