Green Arrow Painted Hardcopy


Hardcopies, like the Green Arrow showcased in this entry, come in two varieties; unpainted and painted. While unpainted examples serve in the creation of the production tooling (steel molds), painted examples may serve a variety of purposes including industry show display samples, catalog/packaging photo samples, or paint masters. This hardcopy is exquisitely painted by hand.


Here we see two photos illustrating the hardcopy in its disassembled state. Small dowels, in this case made of plastic, serve as a means of attaching the head and limbs to the torso. Small metal dowels are also frequently used.

Over the years I've been fortunate to assemble various prototype stages of the Green Arrow action figure. The painted hardcopy is shown above with another stage, the unpainted hardcopy. Interestingly, while the unpainted hardcopy is cast in a green urethane, commonly referred to as dynacast, the painted hardcopy is cast in a grey urethane like the material found on the Orion unpainted hardcopy seen here.

The final entry photo shows a comparative shot between the painted hardcopy and production figure. The painted hardcopy was one of several Super Powers painted hardcopies offered on eBay in late 2007 by a former Super Powers prototype collector. The competition for this piece was quite fierce, but in the end I emerged victorious, and my collection grew through the acquisition of Green Arrow along with three other painted hardcopies.

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