Green Arrow Prototype Series

This entry illustrates exactly what I strive to build through prototype collecting. The photo showcases a pre-production series documenting as many possible developmental stages for a particular action figure, in this case Green Arrow. The series breakdown is as follows:

Top Row:

  • Green Arrow Wax Sculpting (Head, Arm Pair, Backpack, and Arrow)
  • Unpainted Hardcopy
  • Painted Hardcopy

    Bottom Row:

  • Unpainted First Shot
  • Green Arrow Painted Sample
  • Production Figure

    The one major prototype stage I'm missing, which most likely no longer exists, is the silicone mold stage. To my knowledge no non-conceptual Super Powers silicone molds have surfaced to date. I'd also like to extend the comprehensive series further by acquiring a painted first shot if one still exists. Assembling a series of this magnitude requires research, networking, patience, and a pinch of good luck thrown into the mix. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a pre-production figure series. Although I've focused this group photo strictly on three-dimensional figure prototypes, I've also assembled two-dimensional packaging prototypes for Green Arrow in the form of both 2nd & 3rd series proof cards. I consider the series a constant work in progress as I'm still hunting for new and unique prototypes to further the series.

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