Green Arrow Painted Sample


The Green Arrow action figure shown above resembles a standard production quality figure at first glance. Having surfaced from an ex-Kenner employee, it prompted me to look a bit closer for potential differences. Upon close examination I'm pleased to say differences do exist and they're quite interesting too as I'll soon explain. The figure does exhibit copyright information on the leg, so it's identification as a pre-production sample doesn't jump right out by looking at the legs.

The painted sample is located on the left, while its full production counterpart resides to one the right. The first comparative photo adequately exhibits the distinct paint color difference of the belt, chest strap and middle torso region. The painted sample features a much more lime green colored paint application than the more muted green of the production figure. The differences don't stop there though!

The second comparative image has the painted sample positioned in front of the production figure. Notice how the light reflects much better off the gloves on the sample. This takes place because the sample's arms are actually molded entirely in dark green plastic with the arm flesh tones painted on. The production figure's arms feature the exact opposite paint application and plastic coloration. Its arms are cast completely in flesh tones plastic, while the green is all painted. I suspect this change was made since the green paint application more easily covers the flesh colored plastic.

It's possible that a production variant exists of figure given that Kenner utilized multiple vendors to produce their action figures, however out of several loose & carded examples I've compared with, none exhibit the differences I've discussed that are found on the painted sample. The sample surfacing from a former Kenner employee also lends credance to these differences being unique to a painted sample.

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