Joker Mini-Comic Cover Artwork

The original artwork featured above contains the imagery found on the Super Powers Joker mini-comic premium's cover. Kenner provided consumers with added value through inclusion of a mini-comic with each 1st and 2nd series carded figure. Each mini-comic contained a story revolving around the respective action figure. Of course, other characters and vehicles from the line also show up in the stories thereby providing Kenner with an additional advertisement mechanism.

The artwork section showing the Joker & Jokermobile is a photo-stat, which has been hand-glued over top the original Joker/Jokermobile rendering. A corresponding margin notation exists as a reference to make the change. Although I'm not able to photographically capture it, I can see a bit of the initial artwork underneath the photo-stat. Joker's vehicle found underneath, entitled Joker's van on an early piece of conceptual artwork bearing a striking resemblance, differs greatly from the published Jokermobile version on the photo-stat. The change was a great idea as the published image looks much more dynamic.

The mini-comic artwork is quite a bit smaller than a normal comic artwork page, however the mini-comics themselves are much smaller than a standard comic book which may explain the size difference. I sort of prefer the smaller size as it allows for more methods of display.

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