Jokermobile Concept Artwork

Here we see a piece of conceptual artwork for an unproduced Jokermobile for the 3 3/4 inch figure line. This is not the original drawn artwork, but is a copy on high quality photo paper from the vintage era. A reproduction of the original art may have been sent to other departments or could have served a variety of other uses.

Above, we see a closeup of the vehicle itself. I just love the style of this car. Notice the writing highlighting the "spiked Joker wheel covers".

Here is a detailed view of a proposed feature for the jokermobile. This portion of the art indicates "roof panel folds back to expose pop-up laughing gas gun".

The gas gun isn't the only intriguing feature. This portion unveils that the "nose scoop pushes down to activate chomping mouth". Above the car, it discusses the "gull wing roof panel lifts up for driver entry".

The rear view of the car illustrates the final feature of the jokermobile. Below the art, a caption states "rear panel folds down to become pop-up booby trap step".

The Jokermobile represented a very interesting vehicle concept for the Super Powers line. It would have complimented the Batman's Batmobile quite nicely and seemed destined to be an action packed toy.

(Please note, the artwork shown on this site is NOT affliated with the find published in Action Figure Digest #87. It was acquired from a completely separate source. I mention this solely because the magazine explicitly forbids internet publication of that artwork, and I do not want any confusion to occur.)

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