Kalibak Mini-Comic Artwork (Page 11)

Kenner provided consumers with additional value via inclusion of small comic book, dubbed mini-comics, with each Super Powers action figure sold in 1st and 2nd series packaging. The mini-comics also afforded Kenner an additional advertising mechanism by featuring other characters and vehicles in each story. While Kenner focused on development and production of the toys themselves, D.C. Comics' artists/inkers provided the packaging and mini-comic artwork.

The original artwork featured in this entry pertains to page 11 of the Kalibak mini-comic. These two panels show Kalibak being tricked by Dr. Fate's illusion projecting giant monster-ized versions of Superman and Red Tornado. While the penciller's identity is not certain, the inker was none other than Greg Theakston. Theakston is well known by Super Powers fans for his inks over Jack Kirby pencils in the second D.C. Comics Super Powers mini-series.

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