Kalibak Carded Quality Control Signed Sample

The carded Kalibak in this entry is referred to as a Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC) Signed Sample. The QA/QC card presence denotes it as such. Notice the name "SMILE" is written in the Vendor location on the card. SMILE refers to an overseas vendor that actually produced the toys and packaging. Typically toy companies, like Kenner, employ more than one factory for toy production and many are located in the Orient. A Quality Control Engineer signed off on this piece to certify the product met Kenner's quality standards. If undesirable characteristics were present, the engineer would make notations to indicate the necessary changes at the factory level.

If the QA/QC Sample status of this piece doesn't excite you, take into account the fact that this Kalibak is packaged on a rare 3rd series cardback. Kalibak is one of the single most difficult early characters to locate on a 3rd series card.