The first shot shown here is for the 1st series Batman. First shots sometimes show up in non-production colors, while other are very close to the production figure. The example shown here mirrors the production figure for the most part with two exceptions. First, it carries a common characteristic of first shots in that it lacks all copyright info and dates. Secondly the points of attachment on the arms themselves differ from the production figure's. This one as circular attachment areas on the arms to attach it to the torso pegs, whereas the production version has more of a half circle attachment point. I am uncertain as to the reason for this difference. I imagine this attachment style could have lead to easier removal of the arms and posed a safety concern, but that is purely conjecture on my part.

The above photo clearly illustrates the absence of copyright info on the inner thigh. First shots, sometimes referred to as test shots, are one of the final stages in the production process of an action figure. They serve to test the steel production molds prior to mass production. Copyright info is etched into the mold once initial testing is completed. Thanks go out to Ken Raquel for showcasing this fine prototype from his personal collection for everyone to see.

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