Lex Luthor Mini-Comic Cover Artwork

The original artwork featured above contains the imagery found on the Super Powers Lex Luthor mini-comic premium's cover. Kenner provided consumers with added value through inclusion of a mini-comic with each 1st and 2nd series carded figure. Each mini-comic contained a story revolving around the respective action figure. Of course, other characters and vehicles from the line also show up in the stories thereby providing Kenner with an additional advertisement mechanism.

The mini-comic artwork is quite a bit smaller than a normal comic artwork page, however the mini-comics themselves are much smaller than a standard comic book which may explain the size difference. I prefer the smaller size as it allows for more methods of display.

The artwork underwent some changes before final approval. These changes were made by applying photo-stat portions directly over the original rendering. Portions of the Lex Soar-7 were directly altered through photo-stat application. Artwork for the Super Powers mini-comics is fairly rare, so I'm quite happy to have this example in my collection.

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