Parademon Protomolded Paintmaster

This piece represents an interesting look into the painting of the Super Powers line. It is called a paintmaster, which serves to show exactly which portions of the figure are painted a certain color. The four paint swatches that accompany the piece represent the four colors to be used on the figure: orange, grey, yellow, and red.

Above you can see a close-up of the paint swatches. Notice the handwritten labels on the reverse side of each swatch.

This piece is cast in a milky white plastic and is handpainted. Collectors refer to these as "internal first shots", however the true industry term is "protomolded". The term is used to describe pieces cast in a proto plastic from low yield aluminum molds. This preocess was done in-house at Kenner and offered a less expensive method of creating photography/paintmaster figures.


Finally, we see a front and back view of the figure. The paint is in immaculate condition and the detail is tremendous. Thanks to Dan Flarida for his assistance in adding this piece to my collection.

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