Penguin Mini-Comic Interior Artwork (Page 1-13)


The inclusion of small comics, coined mini-comics, with each Super Powers action figure on 1st and 2nd series cards nicely tied the action figures to their comic book roots. The mini-comics also served Kenner well as a means of advertising other toys from the line. While each mini-comic story focused on the respective hero or villain, supporting cast characters and vehicles showed up providing additional product exposure. A total of 23 mini-comics were released, but Kenner dropped the premium with the 1986 third series figure, likely as a means to reduce production costs. While the mini-comics themselves are attractive, the original artwork used to produce them is even more impressive. A wide array of D.C. Comics artists provided the layouts, pencils, and inks. Standard comic book art is typically drawn on 11"x17" comic art board, commonly referred to as bristol board. The mini-comics, measuring in a tiny 4.5"x3" size, did not require the same size artwork as a normal 1980s size comic book with dimensions of 10.5"x7.25", so naturally the corresponding artwork for mini-comics is smaller in size than full size comic book artwork.

This entry contains images of the artwork used for the complete 13-page Penguin mini-comic interior. A small fraction of the total pages and covers used to create the 23 US mini-comics resides in Super Powers collectors' hands today making this complete interior set of artwork a solid find. When viewing images of the final page (page 13), notice I've shown two images of it. The first image shows the artwork as published with high quality photo stats sitting atop the original artwork. The second image of page 13 shows the actual artwork with the two photostat pieces removed and placed to the right of the artwork. The panels were originally drawn in reverse order, so photostats were created and glued over top the actual artwork to correct that error. This alleviated the need to redraw the page.







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