The 2nd series Dr. Fate proof card showcased in this entry features the "Fan Club Offer" banner on the front. Toy packaging color correction, text proofing, and other reviewing technically take place during the packaging production process's cromalin stage. Proof cards, however, sometimes contain signatures and review dates indicating they underwent some level of approval/review. Super Powers proof cards often exhibit a punch style deviating substantially in shape from their production counterparts. Some exhibit punch shapes akin to those found on production Star Wars cards, while others vary less drastically. Proof cards are frequently used for carded samples, like the 3rd series Dr. Fate shown here, where the bubble is hand applied to a proof card.

The final image shows a close-up of the punch style found on this proof card. Additionally, this particular proof card features an extremely glossy back; a gloss nearly identical to that used on the 3rd series blister cards. The cardback imagery stands out much more prominently printed in this fashion as opposed to the duller finish printing found on 1st and 2nd series carded figures.