Red Tornado Painted First Shot


The Red Tornado prototype showcased above appears similar in most regards to that of its production counterpart, however it is considered a first shot due to the absence of copyright information on the right leg. These details are added late in the creation of functional steel tooling (production molds). First shots, also known as vendor supplied prototypes by industry folks, or VSP's for short, are cast in order to test the production mold's functionality.

The above photo illustrates the absent copyright information on the inner right thigh.

The final image shows the painted first shot standing beside the original Kenner baggie in which it was originally stored. I'm very pleased to own this figure as part of a prototype series illustrating some portion of the production process for the figure. Some of the complimentary Red Tornado prototypes showcased from my collection here on the website include unpainted hardcopy parts and an unpainted first shot cast mostly in production colors.

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