Red Tornado Unpainted Hardcopy


Showcased here is an unpainted Red Tornado hardcopy from the 2nd series line. The piece is cast in a green urethane, commonly referred to as "dynacast". This material was prominently used for hardcopies during the mid-80's.

Hardcopies are produced using a silicon mold (this mold is created from the original wax figure sculpting). Once it is removed from the mold it may serve a number of purposes. It might remain unpainted and ultimately used to create the steel tooling for the figures. Extra hardcopies are poured as a precaution, should something happen to the tooling master. These extras would remain unpainted as well. If a hardcopy is not destined for tooling or backup, then it will more than likely be handpainted for use in catalog photography, trade shows, or as a paintmaster.

Above you can see the figure in its disassembled state. Kenner utilized metal dowels, like the ones present on this hardcopy, to attach the limbs and head to the torso. Unfortunately Red Tornado is far from complete, missing an arm, head, and legs. Still, it gives an interesting insight into the production process of the figure and a few pieces are better than none.

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