Robin Protomolded Paintmaster

This piece represents an interesting look into the painting of the Super Powers line. It is called a paintmaster, which serves to show exactly which portions of the figure are painted a certain color. The four paint swatches that accompany the piece represent the colors to be used on the figure: green for the boots, pants, gloves, and sleeves, yellow for the collar and belt buckle, black for the hair, mask, and belt, and flesh for the skin color.


Here is a close-up of the front and back or the paint swatches. You can see the color code notes written on the swatch backs. Another interesting aspect of the figure is that it is a handpainted internal first shot. This means the piece was cast from low yield aluminum molds in house at Kenner. A figure cast in milky white plastic is very indicative of it being an internal first shot.

Above we see a view of the figure's feet. You'll notice footholes are not present. This is typically true of protomolded figures. It also lacks copyright dates. This is a great prototype example of a prominent character from the Super Powers line. Thanks to Dan for sharing this exciting piece from his collection!

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