Robin Internal Mechanism Technical Drawing

The items shown above is the hand rendered technical drawing for Robin's "Karate Chop" action mechanism. During the early portions of a toy's design, a working model of the mechanism is often created called a breadboard model. Detailed angles and measurements are meticulously worked on in order to ensure the toy's action feature worked properly. Not only does the mechanism itself need to be designed, but also the inner portions of the torso halves. This is essential as key portions of the torso come in contact with the mechanism in order to have a functional feature. As collectors know, each Super Powers character exhibited an action feature making technical renderings of this nature a vital portion of the toy's production process.

Above you will find a labelled diagram highlighting each of the noteworthy portions of the technical drawing. The links below may be clicked in order to see a close-up of each facet of the drawing.

Point A.
Point B.
Point C.
Point D.
Point E.
Point F.

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