All Terrain Trapper Vehicle (Unproduced)

The All-terrain trapper vehicle did not make it to retail shelves. It would have been a fascinating vehicle with intriguing features. Above you will soon see a photo from the 1986 Pre-Toy Fair catalog. Although the Tower of Darkness appears in both the '86 Pre-Toy Fair catalog, '86 Toy Fair catalog, and 3rd series card back, the All-Terrain Trapper apeares solely on the '86 Pre-Toy Fair catalog and 3rd series cardback. The All-Terrain Trapper's absence in the Toy Fair catalog could possibly suggest it received an earlier cancellation than the Tower of Darkness since the Toy Fair catalog postdates both the 3rd series cardback and '86 Pre-Toy Fair issue. Below I will reproduce the description as it appears in the '86 Pre-Toy Fair catalog:

Catalog Description Coming Soon

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