Mr. Miracle Protomolded Figure (Toy Fair Catalog Photography Sample)


Showcased here is a painted Mr. Miracle internal first shot. The piece is cast in a milky white proto plastic. This material was prominently used on paintmasters for the Super Powers line.

This is the exact Mr. Miracle prototype used for photography in the 1986 Toy Fair catalog. The above photo shows the prototype in use many years ago. The history of the piece is well documented and adds to the appeal of this prototype. The cape is a slightly different material than the production version.

Above, you can see the figure back exhibits a small hole for placement of a pin. During the catalog shoot, figures were mounted onto a board for photography. This clearly explains the presense of the hole. Many of the prototypes used in the photography session were resin dynacast hardcopies with a coat of grey primer beneath the handpainting, while a few were internal first shots cast from low yield aluminum molds. Samurai and Mr. Miracle were both IFS's, while Cyborg, Golden Pharaoh, Tyr, Mr. Freeze, Orion, and Cyclotron were all hardcopies. I'm uncertain which material Plastic Man and Shazam were cast in. Check out the 1986 Toy Fair Catalog to see the full pages.

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