Play-Doh 2nd Series Superman Unpainted Hardcopy (Unproduced)


This unpainted hardcopy, made of dynacast, represents a different pose than collectors should be used to viewing. For the produced 1st series Play-doh set Kenner opted towards a more dynamic flying pose for the production toy. The standing pose version shown here is very nice though. The picture on the right shows the back of the hardcopy which is flat. Based on evidence I've acquired, it appears a 2nd series Super Powers Play-doh set was in the works. It seems likely at this point that the Superman pose was slated for inclusion in the unproduced 2nd series set, as opposed to being what I originally thought was an alternate, abandoned pose for the 1st series version. Indisputible evidence exists indicating Firestorm and Parademon were among the characters slated for 2nd series inclusion. I hope, as time goes on, that more information will surface identofying the other characters planned 2nd series characters.

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