Play-Doh Wonder Woman Prototype Series

Collectors often attempt to acquire phases of the production process which match other pieces in their collection. I was fortunate to put this series together through two different sources. The top item is a wax sculpt which represents the earliest incarnation for the Play-Doh Wonder Woman. The second one is a hardcopy cast in green urethane called dynacast. The wax sculpt was used to make an RTV (room temperature vulcanizing rubber) mold. The hardcopy was later hand poured using this mold. The final piece is also a hardcopy, but represents an alternate unused sculpt.

Upon close examination you'll notice Wonder Woman herself is slightly smaller in the alternate hardcopy shown above. Her head probably has the most noticeable size difference.

The new and improved rendering was used for the final production tooling. I think you'll agree the final version is nicer than the previous one.

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